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For every organisation, commercial success is fundamentally based on a complex web of legal contracts.

For every organisation, commercial success is fundamentally based on a complex web of legal contracts. Engagement with employees, leases for premises, arrangements with suppliers, technology licenses, the sale of goods or services; every step is underpinned by a codified legal contract.

For successful organisations, this library of contracts continues to grow in both number and complexity. Eventually, either driven by internal or external factors, each firm needs to know what exactly is contained within their web of legal contracts, and whether they are exposed to any risks, gaps or inconsistencies. More positively, could there be a wealth of opportunity that exists, but which is not being exploited?

…commercial success is based on a complex web of legal contracts.

Using bespoke technology, Condor has developed a suite of solutions to assist organisations in getting on top of these challenges.

Covering a wide array of industry and contract types, our service offers:

  • Contract digitisation of paper contracts, .pdf or Word contracts or even image files
  • Quality assured data extraction service using customised data models
  • Ongoing management of contract amendments, renewals or terminations
  • Analytical reporting across all contracts

How We Can Help

Condor is an alternative legal solutions business helping customers of all sizes achieve more at a lower pricing point than a traditional law firm. By combining cutting-edge technology, skilled resources and innovative practices. Condor is able to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions, whilst benefiting from the knowledge and quality assurance of a leading law firm practice.

With an appreciation that no two businesses are exactly alike, and a collaborative approach, we tailor-make solutions specific to your needs, delivering meaningful and practical value to your business. Our technology solutions have been designed together with Fieldfisher partner’s expertise to ensure they deliver what is needed.

Our data extraction and clause management solution uses cutting edge technology to digitise contracts, identify key clauses and risks, and produce meaningful and insightful reports. Following an initial workshop where we agree the population of contracts, design the data model and define the reporting.

Condor will:

  • Customise the platform and gather all required contracts.
  • Digitise contracts, extract data and produce all reporting.
  • Set up any alerts, triggers or reminders for the client.
  • Provide comprehensive training sessions on database maintenance and incorporating amendments so that the database remains current and relevant; or provide a managed service to do so.

Our Technology

Condor’s bespoke technology has an intuitive graphical user interface, which sits on top of a powerful digitisation and data extraction engine. The platform is accessed via a web­browser and can be hosted securely in the cloud or on client premises.

Once the data has been digitised and extracted, it is easily accessible through the platform via customised reporting (graphical, comparisons, tabular) or exported downstream in xml, csv or xls format.

Alerts, flags and reminders can be set on each contract to ensure that renewals or terminations are never missed.

The Value We Add

Condor’s scalable, flexible and cost-effective model enables us to deliver an efficient and cost effective outcome for our clients whenever they need it. We can scale up to meet larger requests so a client can deal with potentially disruptive requests without having to constantly redirect already scarce internal legal resources.

We provide a customised service through the most relevant combination of resources to get the solution you need.

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