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Workflow Management

For an already stretched legal department, overlooking contract termination or expiry dates can prove both costly and inconvenient

In-house legal teams often find they have to sacrifice strategic engagement with or on behalf of their business units in order to manage the constant flow of essential, but routine, contract management.

Repetitive contract management work is typically time-consuming and can be disruptive to more strategic legal work pressures, though maintaining contracts is as much about the commercial and operational obligations as it is about the legal details.

Repetitive contract management is time-consuming and can be disruptive…

For an already stretched legal department, overlooking contract termination or expiry dates can prove both costly and inconvenient, particularly if the outcomes were not anticipated or expected.

In-house teams face greater regulatory change coupled with pressure on headcount, budgets and staffing options and maintaining the tracking, reporting and updating of contracts is time-consuming, and diverts in house legal resources from its strategic contribution to the business.

How We Can Help

Condor ALS is an alternative legal solutions business helping customers of all sizes achieve more at a lower pricing point than a traditional law firm. By combining cutting-edge technology, skilled resources and innovative practices, Condor is able to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions, whilst benefiting from the knowledge and quality assurance of leading law firm partners.

With an appreciation that no two businesses are alike and a collaborative approach, we tailor make solutions specific to your needs, delivering meaningful, practical and measurable value to your business.

  • Process design — taking ideas from conception we design optimal and bespoke solutions to your business challenges , going beyond the traditional law firm offering.
  • Expertise — Experienced Fieldfisher lawyers who are subject matter experts in various legal sectors provide oversight and advisory on Condor ALS engagements.
  • Resources — Using our skilled teams of data analysts, paralegals and technologists based near-shore, or off-shore, along with our project management expertise, we are able to resource your requirements in a way that is both cost-effective and delivers quality results.
  • Technology — We implement our suite of cutting-edge technology tools which provide efficiency both on legal matters and project management.

Our Contract Lifecycle Management solution offers clients end-to-end management of both simple (e.g. NDAs) and more complex contracts (e.g. sales and purchase agreements). For each contract, a playbook is agreed, templates are created and the portal is customised. Following that Condor will:

  1. Receive new instructions for a contract event such as new contract drafting, review of incoming contracts, amendments to existing contracts, etc.
  2. Negotiate and execute agreements with counterparties in accordance with the playbook, including resolving escalations.
  3. Ongoing contract management (clause digitisation, establishing contract trigger events, reporting, contract storage and distribution)

Our unique proposition

Our clients achieve maximum value from the flexibility, scalability, innovation and technology of alternative legal services, while agreeing where exactly in the process experienced lawyers’ oversight or input is needed.

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