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Making sense of the ever-changing regulatory framework

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With a seemingly relentless onslaught of regulatory change and the oft-associated short time frames, regulatory projects frequently threaten to become unmanageable and too expensive.  By bringing together project and process management experts, cutting-edge technology and Fieldfisher’s regulatory and subject matter expertise, Condor’s focus is to help our clients stay on top of, and where possible benefit from, regulatory change.  All wrapped and quality assured by Fieldfisher LLP, Condor’s solutions have already delivered benefits to a number of industry leading organisations.

A small sample of what we can offer to aid your regulatory needs is below…

GMRA/OSLA Solution

IM Phase 5/6 Solution

IBORs Solution

DSAR Solution

Other Solutions

Regulatory Timeline

We offer solution's to each of the regulatory changes below and many more

Are you prepared?

Benchmark Regulation

January 2018


May 2018

EMIR Refit

February 2019


October 2019

GMRA/OSLA Upgrades

April 2019

EMIR 2.2

July 2019

IM Phase 4

September 2019

IR 35

April 2020

IM Phase 5

September 2020


September 2020

Indirect Clearing


IM Phase 6

September 2021

EU Material Outsourcing Requirements End of Transition Period

December 2021

LIBOR Discontinued


Wondering how we can deliver these benefits to your organisation?

We can create tailored solutions for your regulatory needs.