KYC taken off your hands in a compliant, but also proportionate way on your new customers.

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AML & KYC is typically a tiresome and time-consuming business that requires experienced individuals to perform and is a significant cost-burden. This is especially true if the borrowers or customers you onboard have complicated non-UK ownership or offshore structures.

The structures involved behind borrowers, investors and their sponsors are typically complex, requiring experience to unearth all the relevant information to make an informed decision.When AML & KYC checks are only required infrequently, it can result in inconsistent or slow onboarding, and it’s difficult to retain experience. It is more effective to ask somebody else to do all the leg work and come back to you with a package and a recommendation whether to on-board and a suggested risk rating.

Condor offers you a cost-effective, retainable solution. We evaluate your proposed customers with a quick turnaround at a relatively low cost. You tell us the name and the structure (if any) and we do all the investigations and come back with a report which you can use for your AML files. The ultimate decision to on-board is always with you but we do all the running around and analysis.

We have a number of region-specific professionals in our team and are particularly strong in our Middle East, CIS and Russian language coverage.

Wondering how we can deliver these benefits to your organisation?

We can create tailored solutions for your AML/KYC needs.

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Duncan Black

Duncan Black

Partner & Money Laundering Reporting Officer, Fieldfisher LLP

Phone: +44 207 861 4926

Stephen Ingle

Stephen Ingle

Head of Condor, Fieldfisher LLP

Phone: +44 207 861 4958