Condor Projects

Medical device manufacturing and distribution brand

The implementation of the EU Medical Devices Regulation in 2021 required this medical devices and software solutions client to contact all of its distributors across EMEA with an amended distribution agreement.

The project involved more than 400 contracts needing amendment in a variety of languages across a number of European jurisdictions. Once amended, the correct language version needed to go to each distributor, based purely on which country of domicile, all within a tight deadline.

As this was a regulatory requirement, failure to undertake the amendments with distributors would result in …

The Condor team worked closely with Fieldfisher for all the contractual requirements of the project – advisory work, multiple language support, high-volume contract creation and drafting.

  • Fieldfisher lawyers across multiple offices drafted the amended agreement before translating it from English into German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.
  • Condor transferred the amended agreement onto the client’s letterhead, prepared samples for sign off and then generated over 400 contracts to send out to the client’s distributors.

A German advisory team, supported by Condor with a Project Manager in London and paralegal support in Belfast delivered the project in a week, resulting in a delighted and reassured client.