The pace of change in business places a heavy burden on in-house legal teams. Unforeseen legislative and regulatory changes can place additional pressures on an already lean legal team. In addition, illness or other planned long term staff absences require flexible and capable interim solutions.

CondorFlight was formed to help companies deal with these fluctuations in legal staffing requirements.

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Challenge: A large American investment bank needed maternity leave cover for a key member of their team. They needed a skilled replacement at short notice.


Solution: One of our CondorFlight lawyers had already been working on Fieldfisher engagements for this client, and as such, was already familiar with the client’s business and processes. The client was delighted with the speed and ease of finding cover who could hit the ground running.

Key contact

Stephen Ingle
Head of Condor ALS
t: 0207 861 4958


CondorFlight is the ‘people powered’ division of our alternative legal solutions platform bringing our clients together with the skilled lawyers they need without the time and cost of instructing a law firm.

Our roster of talented consultants come from a range of backgrounds with different levels of experience. This means we can fit your requirements optimally. We use our network of fantastic people to find you the right person so you can focus on the critical tasks in hand.

Get in touch with us for interim staffing solutions that are:

  • Flexible – available when you need them with the right experience and capability to meet your business needs.
  • High calibre – we select people we trust, ensuring all consultants pass a thorough screening process before meeting you.
  • Cost effective – we charge a fixed fee rate so you don’t have to worry about negotiations and dealing with multiple recruitment companies for short term staffing needs.

We look forward to working with you to help your teams continue to excel whatever the business or people challenges you face.

Flexible Expertise

Challenge: A regulatory client had their interim procurement manager leave early in 2020 and needed to fill the resource gap at very short notice. To further complicate matters, they only wanted 10 days’ cover over a period of two months.

Solution: Our team knew someone with the exact skillset required. As a former Fieldfisher consultant, the consultant took on the role. Having demonstrated their knowledge and capability to the client, the client increased the consultant’s number of days and the consultant is now working full time for the client.

Immediate Resourcing Needs


An investment banking client needed a team of five paralegals at short notice to complete a high priority project. 

We are able to quickly provide 5 appropriately skilled and screened paralegals (approved by the client) to work for 3-4 months of this project, giving the client the flexibility to resource up or down after 3 months.

Dynamic Resourcing

A start up investment fund platform needed help with managing legal counsel and transaction management during the platform’s build phase. The client knew that they would be very busy, as well as experience quiet phases, when there wouldn’t be much for lawyers to be doing (other than being on stand-by).

We established an informal “panel” of Senior Lawyers providing flexible resourcing that the client could access during demand spikes. It was important to the client that they have continuity of lawyers, even though their need was sporadic. Understanding the clients’ business is an important consideration in our advice. Our Senior Lawyers were always willing to attend the client’s office to put names to faces and understand more about the business. The client was happy to pay a variable rate based on hourly usage of our Senior Lawyer Panel. They were delighted to be paying less than a half of the rate they had been paying to their other law firm for the same level of advice and service.