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Condor’s data extraction and analytics service utilises advanced tools and processes that enable you to digitise, extract and use smart data from your documentation, with a multitude of potential uses and benefits.

We develop with you a bespoke data model for the relevant documentation types which will extract and hold many hundreds of individual data points which are needed by all stakeholders in your business, and can cover any type of financial documentation including derivatives, commodities, investment management, mortgages and loan agreements and prospectuses.

The analytics tools include, for example, the creation of issue-based searches and reports – providing you with essential insight into what is (or isn’t) in your contracts, such as specific clauses, protections or a comparative analysis between contracts and counterparties. With the continuous wave of regulatory change and the forthcoming impact of Brexit, these tools are invaluable to enable clients quickly to assess the impact and manage the change process.

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